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Deck block

In 2015, Rototeck Industries developed a new alternative regarding blocks for decks.
Made from first quality plastic that is 100% recyclable, the Rototeck™ Block is a new
alternative that’s 18 times lighter than traditional blocks. The Rototeck™ Block is thus
easier to transport, simplifying the building phase of any project.


  • 2.75 pounds vs. 50 pounds for concrete blocks
  • Easy transportation
  • Reduced injury risk
  • Faster installation
  • Better looking than concrete
  • Impact, cold weather and UV resistant
  • Resistant to frost and thaw
  • Innovative design that grips to the ground
  • Eco-friendly and 100 % recyclable
  • Patented
  • 2000 pounds of loading capacity - Tested by CSA Group

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