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Treat Yourself to Quality Brick Siding

You plan to build or renovate your home or a commercial building:

  • You want the peace of mind
  • You want the maintenance-free masonry
  • You want a easy to install brick

Novabrik is the solution!

Novabrik : The Brick Without Mortar

Novabrik is an innovative Mortarless Brick Siding. It provides exceptional versatility, and design flexibility. This unique veneer system was created after more than 5 years of research and development. Novabrik requires no brick ledge and can be easily installed on various types of structures and in all weather conditions.

Novabrik is a patented mortarless brick siding system. The tongue and groove units are made of high strength concrete. They overlap and interlock to create a strong, water resistant brick veneer. Novabrik hangs on the wall. No brick ledge or steel angle is necessary for support at the base of the wall or above openings. Novabrik can be installed on wood, steel and concrete structures.

Novabrick 4.0 : New generation

  • EASY to install
  • RESISTS Water Penetration
  • NO Maintenance
  • HIGH Wind Resistance
  • EXCEEDS all Building (Code Requirements)


Novabrik increases the wall rigidity of conventional wood-frame houses by an average of 35%. It can easily withstand the effects of strong earthquakes. Its rain-screen design prevents water from penetrating the wall from the outside and the mortarless construction promotes air flow in the wall cavity, thus removing any moisture coming from the inside.

Novabrik warranties the quality of it's mortar-free brick for a limited period of 50 years!


*The color swatches presented here may not accurately represent actual brick colors. Check the brick samples at your local Novabrik dealer or contact the manufacturer.
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