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How to build a deck : The First Steps
You plan to build your own deck. The success of this project will depend largely on applying proper methods during the first stages of construction. Here are some tips to help get you started.
Composite decking for deck
When it comes time to choose the exterior coating for a deck or terrace, a lot of options are available to you. It’s sometimes difficult to choose among all these possibilities. That’s why we will expand on one of these product; composite d...
Foundations on screw piles or on concrete ?
Thinking to renovate your patio, build a shed or expand your home? Are the piles a good solution? It is important to be well informed.
Coatings and finishes for deck
In this second article dedicated to wooden deck building project, we are going to address the issues related to coatings, stairs, ramps, privacy screen and pergola. They allow you to personalize your living outdoor area according to your creativity and...
How to build a deck?
In this first of two installments dedicated to the steps of building a wood patio, we will answer some fundamental questions that a residential property owner should take the time to carefully consider to identify his or her needs in the planning and b...