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Aluminum Deck Railings

Aluminum Deck Railings
When looking for patio railings, you will find numerous products and a multitude of options and finishes designed to suit your needs on any budget. Consider first the range of building materials to choose from including treated wood, aluminum, glass, PVC and composites. Modern rails go beyond practicality to incorporate function with style.

Railing Installation - SOME RULES TO RESPECT

The primary role of railings is to ensure the safety and security of your patio’s occupants. In fact, railings play a very important role in the overall configuration of your patio and must be installed in accordance with building standards.

Regulations require that all balconies leveled 24" above ground must be outfitted with railings no less than 36" in height from the deck floor (24" up to 70" from the ground). Higher balcony floors require railings of at least 42" in height from the deck floor (that is 70" + from the ground), and 48" in height if the deck have access to a pool.

Also, balusters must be a maximum of four inches apart, in accordance with Canadian building standards.

Source : National Building Code of Canada

Wood Railings

Treated wood railings have classic charm and add an element of warmth to any outdoor space. The only drawback is that wood requires the most maintenance and upkeep of any other type of deck railing. To optimize coating penetration, the lumber must be regularly treated and re-treated. You should consider waiting at least a year, maybe two, before attempting to re-stain it.

Keep in mind that even if the upfront price of wood is less expensive than other materials, you will need to factor in the time and total cost of maintenance when estimating your investment.

Aluminum Railings – Sustainable and Maintenance-free

On the other hand, aluminum rails have a higher retail price but require virtually zero maintenance during its lifespan. Furthermore, aluminum is stronger and more durable than wood or vinyl. They maintain excellent condition, which is often guaranteed by a 20 year manufacturer warranty.

Aluminum railings are truly ideal for patios and balconies but also walkways, stairs, terraces, etc. Resistant to tarnish and rust, aluminum railings are perfect in humid environments such as around swimming pools, solariums or verandas. An attractive variety of colours and finishes adapt to any patio design or layout.

These railings, available in big-box stores, are sold in sections that can be cut and customized to accommodate your space. The sets include: a handrail and bottom rail, straight balusters, connectors, a support block, grommets and screws.

To cut the metal down to size, you’ll need a surface grinder and some skill is required. However, if the process seems a little too involved, you can easily find one of many local companies or entrepreneurs with the equipment to do the job for you.

Better yet—consider purchasing from a company, like our partner Imperial Kool-Ray, specializing in complete rail systems. They manufacture a series of customizable pre-assembled and ready-to-assemble aluminum railing kits. They are quickly installed using simple step-by-step instructions.

Généralement, pour ce type de produit, les garantis offert des fabricants sont de +/- 20 ans. Donc c’est à considérer!

DECK Railing – Cost Estimates

For a free online quote, look no further than our 3D estimating app! Here you can explore design options, compare materials and evaluate their various advantages. Go ahead and give it a try for free today!


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