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Estimating a Roof

Estimating a Roof
It’s been several years and your roof needs to be redone. Don’t wait until it caves in and causes serious (and expensive) damage. You can be confident doing the job yourself as the Virtual Constructor app walks you step by step throughout the entire process.


Before you even think of a DIY roof renovation, you must have at least some construction experience because your work is subject to the same codes and bi-laws as any licensed contractor. Make sure you have the installation guides that will show you how to draw straight lines, install metal sheet or shingle, waterproof the roof, or to install a self-adhesive membrane, which all requires special techniques.

Roof installation : Methods and Warranty

Keep in mind that a single pack of asphalt shingles can weigh up to 75 pounds. To avoid potential damage to the structure, you must distribute the weight of your building materials by spreading them out as evenly as possible. Pay close attention to instruction manuals and follow each step from beginning to end. Heeding the process is important and necessary in order to benefit from the manufacturer's warranty, if applicable. To meet the building code, you must observe the number of nails and screws you use, as well as methods for aeration, sealant and surface preparation recommended by the manufacturer.

First, you must apply a membrane to the entire surface of the roof and along the base. This will protect the structure from blocked snowmelt which may cause shingles to swell as temperatures rise and fall quickly in the spring. Membrane products protect the roof from wind damage leading to, among other things, the accumulation of stagnant water. You must evacuate the humidity produced by variances in temperature, which can be extreme in our climate. You can remove moisture by installing a roof fan, which retails for about $125. Evacuating humidity protects internal roofing components such as plywood and insulation wool, etc. Furthermore, installing vented soffits under the overhang will cycle moisture away from your roof and promote airflow.


Don’t forget that our online calculator Virtual Constructor app is free and allows you to draft a roof replacement plan yourself, while estimating the total cost of your project as you go along. Virtual Constructor lets you experiment with various building materials, and recalculates each modification in real-time. Click on our information capsules to learn about pricing and the added value of different quality products.

Have some fun and give the free app a try today!


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