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Estimation of a construction project

Estimation of a construction project
You are planning a construction project but do not know where to begin and even less for the estimation?

You ask yourself several questions but you do not have the answers?

How to make an informed decision about your project? Here are important questions you should ask yourself:
  • How do I calculate the material required for my deck?
  • What is the difference between the price of an assembled shed and one I would build myself?
  • Where should I place piles and how do I make the structure of engineered wood beams?
  • What type of covering should I choose for my floor: treated wood, cedar or composite?
  • What exterior coating should I choose and at what price? Vinyl, wood or fiber cement?
  • How much pieces of 2x6x8 do I need for garage walls studs?
  • How many and what types of joists should I plan for the floor of my house expansion project?
  • How much does a storage roof or a cathedral cost?
  • How do I do the insulation of the walls? With a R5 foam and a fiberglass insulation R20?
Some construction professionals could accompany you and help you think through the challenges of your project. The ultimate goal for you is to obtain complete and detailed list of unit quantities and prices? of all your materials. In addition, you need to know related services to help you complete your project. Finally, throughout your planning and estimating, you should also be aware of the different types of materials and construction methods to make the best possible choices.

An online estimating software easy to use

Our online calculator offers you the opportunity to make informed and wise choices that will help you stick to your budget. With this interactive estimating software, you can get your preliminary plans. You can adjust and change the size of your project, select and compare various types of exterior coatings and several other components.

The free online application plans and estimates the cost of your project. Each click changes any such list of materials and quantities of items. Also, it informs you of necessary services for your construction project to meet standards of the industry.

Unlike the online submission form that provides only the description of your project by simply typing a few words, the Virtual Constructor calculates quantities and prices at each change you make to your project.

It could be for a garage, a deck, a shed, a cottage, an extension to your house or a new house. This interactive application is directly connected to real-time price list of hardware store materials. It recalculates all of the necessary quantities such as wood, insulation, coatings, piles, shingles, membranes, etc. Also, it can enlarges or reduce width, depth, roof pitch… Changes your building from 1 to 2 floors. Compare a cathedral to a storage roof, as well as vinyl coating to wood or concrete foundations to piles. Also, confirm your covering floor choice. Visualize your deck with or without pergola, with centered stairs or placed at the corner.

With this submission request, it should gives you and allows you to make your final project. An accurate and complete list of products and services required with new suggestions at the best market prices.
Amusez-vous à créer des plans préliminaires vous-mêmes. Choisissez un  modèle de plan dans notre vaste catalogue de maison neuve à construire. Puis sauvegardez plusieurs versions pour mieux valider votre budget et faire les bons choix selon le type de projet dont vous rêvez et qui respecteront vos moyens financiers.

The Virtual Constructor do not evaluates projects per square foot approximately. It is a calculation tool that identifies the actual quantities, the real market prices according to the seasons and areas where your building project is going to be.

Choose one of starting models and have fun changing its dimensions and components. Then, when you are ready, make a submission request.

Go ahead, try estimating software, it’s simple and free.

Have a great construction!


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