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Exterior coating - Make the right choice!

Exterior coating - Make the right choice!
You are building a garage, a shed, a house or an extension to your actual house? The choice of exterior siding is often complex because you have too many option. Therefore, it becomes important to question yourself about style, budget, quality and features that you want for your project.

Many types of coating

In modern building constructions today, we can find many types of exterior coverings such as vinyl, stone, metal sheets, cement fiber, wood fiber, natural wood, brick, etc. Some sidings are more expensive and better quality than others. So you need to evaluate your needs and budget.

For example, you can estimate 0,75$ per square foot for a regular vinyl on your DIY project, and 20$ per square foot for bricks installed by a specialist. There are no bad choices; it depends on the style, the quality, the desired look and the wind and noise resistance you want. Also, it depends on the budget you can invest.

Avantages of wood coatings

Warmth aspect of natural wood is often a searched item when it’s time for construction or renovation. Whether for all or for a section of the covering, natural wood siding is certainly an option to consider. Of course, you can pair this with any other types of coatings. Real wood gives a special touch to your home in addition to increase the value of it.

In addition of having insulating properties superior to those of other types of coatings, wood is recyclable and will remain a timeless product. Exterior finishes in natural wood are a sustainable and represent exemplary quality. They are undoubtedly an ecological and sustainable choice.

Real wood sidings are available in a multitude of colors. So, if you build a shed, a garage or an expansion to your actual house, it will be possible to match the color of your project with the one of your house. In addition they are neutral and inspired by actual trends.

A durable exterior coating

The trick to keep the covering in good condition is to observe regularly: joints, mounting system, water infiltration… It is strongly recommended to treat the natural wood before the installation. Besides, there is several finishes for wood protection. So you should choose depending on the maintenance time you want to devote to your coating and the desired end style.

In the case of some products, such as real wood siding Topcoat® of Siparila, they are treated beforehand. Thus, the installation can be done instantly after delivery, without the need to apply an oil or varnish before any manipulation. Moreover, real wood coverings Topcoat® are sustainable and high quality. Yes, this comes straight from the Nordic countries, Finland! Due to its special properties related to its climate, it is very durable, compact and have straight grain.

Siparila Topcoat

Wood sidingWood coatingExterior wood coating
A product distributed by Taiga.

The controlled and specialized manufacturing environment enables the company Siparila to offer guarantees never seen before: 70 years against wood decay and 8 to 15 years on painting of real wood siding. Therefore, it is an excellent choice!

Revetements exterieurs durableRevetements exterieurs garantie

To learn more and compare prices with other types of exterior coverings, visit our online estimation app. You can create your project, estimate it and try different types of siding.


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