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Foundations on screw piles or on concrete ?

Foundations on screw piles or on concrete ?
Thinking to renovate your patio, build a shed or expand your home? Are the piles a good solution? It is important to be well informed.

Foundations on screw piles

In simple terms, piles are large steel rods that are screwed into the ground with a jack, designed for this task by installers. Screw piles are used to support buildings like your future cottage, gallery, extension, patio or shed. They can even be installed in places where the ground level is poor and that quality soil is less. In many cases, the screw pile is a product that is more advantageous to use than a concrete foundation.


Because piles can be different sizes and they are screwed to different depths depending on soil types and dimensions of the structure to bear.

Comment c’est possible? Parce que l’ailette du bas du pieu est profondément ancrée dans le sol et vient créer l’appui, la fondation au dessous du niveau du gel. Une fois le nombre nécessaire de pieux installé, la structure des poutres y est déposée. Les pieux sont ainsi la base stable du bâtiment sur laquelle le plancher, les murs et la toiture reposent en toute quiétude, peu importe le type de sol et le type de construction. La profondeur d’installation des pieux sous le gel assure la stabilité de la structure.

To ensure quality and longevity, most companies design piles resistant to corrosion. Installation is simple, affordable and does not damage the yard already in place.

How to estimate screw piles costs?

After having understood all this information, you can begin planning and estimating your project using The Virtual Constructor estimating software. Whether it’s for a shed, a cottage, a patio, a home extension, no matter what you crave, calculations, including the cost and installation of piles, are automatically integrated. Also, the application calculates the supporting beams of the building and the piles positioned and qualified according to their charges that are recalculated at every click. For any modifications of dimensions or components that you will bring, the Virtual Constructor recalculate the complete list of materials according to engineering calculations relating to the complete structure of your project while comply to industry standards.

Once the project and the budget are up to your taste, ask for a specific quote to the hardware store of your choice. They will be happy to serve you and help you throughout this process. You can ask them to do a final check on the calculations and on the quality of your yard, so that you get an actual price before starting the project. Thereby, you will avoid many unpleasant financial surprises.

Start your project now!


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