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How to build a deck - Privacy screen

How to build a deck - Privacy screen
Too close to your neighbour, a street or a commercial building? A viewing angle annoys you? No problem! Enjoy the benefits of a privacy screen and create an « urban look » in your yard.

Privacy screen

Planks of 1x6, arranged horizontally or vertically, can create a personalized and intimate space. This is a great option for child safety, since you can choose to leave a space between the boards or not, as needed. In addition, you can choose the color that matches your initial patio to create an area that fits your taste, without having to change everything. The advantage of these screens is that they are much more robust and durable than traditional lattice and, in addition, they are giving a modern and current aesthetics. After all, you will make your dinners with friends and family without worrying about the neighbours!

Venetian blinds

Venitian blind - Pylex

Venetian blinds are another great option to make your outdoor space more intimate and to allow protection from the sun and rain when you are outside. They are easy to install and to use. Dimensions may go up to 49 inches tall by 72 inches length. They can be a good alternative to define a space. You will combine the pleasant and the useful!

Our partner, Pylex, offers deck blinds system it’s very easy to install. You’ll find all the materials you’ll need to make your project. Moreover, you can go to the installation video in the app, in order to visualize the steps.


The pergola is a wooden structure for delineation of a space. You can add greenery on it to create a shady spot or make the space more enjoyable. The possibilities are endless. Use your creativity to bring about a convenient space and especially to your taste.

You will have a permanent sunshade with decorative ceiling joists so that they provide you shade during the summer. You will have to choose the angle of those, because they need to protect yourself from the sun. But how?

Our online application calculates your pergola, in order to always leave a sunny space (see figure on your left). You’ll have the option of being in the sun or in the shade. The choice of square versus triangle shape becomes important at this stage. Obviously you have to evaluate, by yourself, the location of your yard and your future pergola according to the position of sun, depending on the time of the day.

If you prefer, you can personalize your pergola with a fabric cover resistant to weathering. It attaches easily when it’s summer season and it’s easy to remove in the fall. Several colors and arrangements are possible. This cloth can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Again, it’s up to you, you are the master of this project!

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