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How to estimate and build a shed - Installation

How to estimate and build a shed - Installation
Each wall should be verified with the square trait principle, established in our previous article How to estimate and build a shed - Planning.


Wall construction

If your walls are not right angle, your floor square will not be the same at the top of your walls. Then, the alignment of your roof trusses might seem unaligned.

First, make the outline of your walls and then make your square line. Set your wall on the floor with screws so that everything stays in place and right angle. After, measure the location of your door and windows. Also, measure the outer contours of their frames. This will allow you to remake those measures on your wall.

Once contours are marked, you can put at each side, at each opening, the required column. They will support your header that is placed in top of this opening. For people less comfortable with measures, you can simply put the door and the windows directly on the wall. Put them perfectly straight and right angle and then trace de outline. This measure will be a little bit bigger of the outer frames (1/2’’ to 1’’). It will allow you to enter your door and windows perfectly.

Laying out of the prefabricated roof truss

Ask yourself now if you want to have storage in your roof. A small storage space to insert long items like skis, boards, materials, parasol or poles can be useful.

The installation of the roof truss is complex. Each truss must have a perfect line and need to be perpendicular. By fixing a piece of wood (2x4) along the top of the wall, parallel to the truss, leaving the right length exceeding your roof, at each side of your shed (8’’, 10’’,12’’…). This will allow you to place a screw at the end and to extend a tight rope from one end to the other.

So this line is the end of the location of your roof truss. Each one must touch the rope without exceeding it. The right location, the right angle and the good distance is as much important as the walls and the floor, if you want to have a square shed.

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At all time, be sure to follow the construction code in your region in order to respond to applicable standards.


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