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How to build a garage - Witch exterior coating to choose ?

How to build a garage - Witch exterior coating to choose ?
The third garage topic we will discuss is the choice of exterior coating, such as vinyl, wood and cement fiber and natural wood witch all have different colors and textures.


Vinyl is often cheap 0,50 to 1,50$/peace. It is less impact-resistant and in some cases, the texture is smooth, but certain mixtures of colors can imitate wood grain. It’s up to you to shop around and make an informed choice.

Wood and fiber cement

Wood and cement fiber present, in some cases, many color ranges. Others allow an infinite number of dyes resistant to weathering. Being stronger, these coatings are slightly more expensive to purchase, 2$ to 3$ per square foot. They are often simple to install since some have a “clip” in the back, which allows continuous heights such as vinyl. Textures imitating wood are sometimes impressive. Again, it’s for you to shop and make a good choice according to your needs.

Stained wood

The price of stained wood can vary between 2,50$ and 5$ per square foot depending on models, quantities, essences and dyeing’s guarantees. Wood is warm and gives style, but it must be installed carefully. Outside, wood warps, splits and twists. Pay attention to the installation and know that wood 6 inches tall takes twice as long to install than wood fiber or vinyl 10,11 or 12 inches. This is an issue that we need to consider because it directly influences the price of installation. Especially consider that wood requires maintenance, like repainting, after a certain number of years. If necessary, please consult an expert to learn more and help you save time and potentially money.


Mouldings are an equally important aspect for which we have to look at. Many people are able to create a small building with lots of character as a work of art with beads models that can be very economical. Manufacturers offer a wide range of choices in a variety of shapes, widths, colors and many arrangements that will delight you.

Finally, designers and architects know how to brighten up and customize a garage construction project that will be well harmonized with the main building of your property. By their knowledge and experiences, they play with all these components. In fact, two small buildings, with the exact same materials value, can have a different resale value, just by their appearance and aesthetic design. You need to consider that, because it will be interesting to see where satisfaction achieved in a short, medium and long term.

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