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How to build a garage - Things you need to know before

How to build a garage - Things you need to know before
It’s been a long time that you think about it? Your spouse and you talk about it for months, even a year, because you run out of storage places? You can’t accept to have the kid’s bicycle obstructing the court anymore?

Build a garage - First step

The first thing to do before starting to build a garage is to get information to your municipality about the possibilities and the constraints you have in your region; dimensions, height and dept. What are the distances to respect the neighbour’s property? Can you build a garage with habitable roof or storage? Does the coating as to be the same as your house? How long do you have to do the work? So, consult a resource person who will inform you on these primary issues in order to avoid unpleasant surprises before the first shovelful.

Location of the garage

It’s imperative to visualize the desired location considering its dimensions and the one of your yard. You need to spot the constraints like the presence of power lines, the number of trees to be felled and soil quality. Also, it would be wise to place pickets at corners of your virtual garage. Then, relate them with ropes and observe its overall and the extend of your project.

Is this future building will give you unwanted shadow? Is it going to hide a view that you like or could instead create a new privacy zone? Does it prevent you to move freely? Is it convenient to its original purpose of storage, DIY area or simply park the car? The outlook for the view that projects the addition of this new building is crucial because it will not only enhance the property value but also its overall appearance.

Brightness and natural lighting

Like every other construction project, it is better to know south orientation and trajectory of the sun during the day. Doors, windows, garage doors must be positioned to give the better light possible and enhance the exterior design and facilitate the circulation.

Immediately begin to think about openings and visualize the place you want them to be. This will eventually help in creating your plan and technical specifications. Although a specialist designer can help you answer all these questions, you’ll be better prepared if you get a clear idea beforehand. Also, visualize apparent sides and ask yourself if they will be nice to look at.

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