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What's new? > The Virtual Constructor now available in Canada
August 17, 2016

The Virtual Constructor now available in Canada

A new app that allows web users to estimate construction projects and to obtain the exact list of materials and their quantities is now available across all Canada.

This web and mobile application, that is free, allows consumers to estimate their own construction project and to get the unit quantities of materials required, and this can be done without any knowledge on the subject. The online application helps consumers to plan the construction of their projects as patio, shed and garage of sorts. Note that other types of project will be available soon.

By doing this momentum at the national level, we want to grow the company and facilitate the planning and estimation stages of construction projects using the Canadian wood-frame building method in our software.


In 2016 only, tens of thousands Quebec web users who took advantage of our free system of estimating construction project for a value over $12 million in services and building materials.

In addition, several major canadians manufacturers such as Vicwest, PylexTaiga and more, spread their own information contents of their products such as benefits, installation guides, warranty programs and even videos to reach targeted customers, qualified and very knowledgeable.

A great challenge for the Virtual Constructor team!

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