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Screwed piles

Adjustable piles 50 inches from Pylex

Use the structure plan provided in the Virtual Constructor’s submission in order to position piles and beams according to the engineering calculations, automated in our application.

This is an easy and simple way to support a deck, a shed or a patio without having to dig or pouring concrete. The installation is quick using a lever. Adjust the top of pile or add an extension to facilitate turning movements and to drive the piles deeper.

  • Steel structure covers with firing paint
  • Helical drive of the piles ensure an outstanding stability
  • Can earn up to 3 inches height
  • Very tough and durable because the wooden pole is located outside the ground
  • Resistant to ground movement and freeze/thaw
  • Can support 5 000 pounds on sandy soils and 3 500 pounds on clayey soils

Pieux Pylex

How to install screwed piles

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