The Virtual Constructor is a collaboration between the Centre d’Estimation en Construction and web agency Nexun Media based in Quebec City, Canada. The members of these two Quebec companies have joined forces and expertise to develop and market this unique easy to use interactive application and which is the subject of a provisional patent application.

The Virtual Constructor enriched the experience of the user who wants to plan and budget for a project for which consumers, entrepreneurs and the construction and renovation will be delighted.

More than 2,000 projects have already been completed estimate with earlier versions of the software that is now available online on the web and also on the mobility of digital tablets and smart phones. All engineering calculations and structure meet the industry standards. They were validated by recognized partners such as TrusJoist and GoodFellow.

Thus this second application adds to that already existing Virtual Decorator Who is online since spring 2012, when nearly a million users have arranged combinations of paint colors. Other applications under development will fill the trunk of innovative interactive tools that users will appreciate.