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What's new? > New application to sketch a deck plan
November 1, 2021

New application to sketch a deck plan

The Construction Estimating Center which developed the Virtual Constructor is pleased to introduce its new EstimCAD Decking & Railing application.

Users of the Virtual Constructor will get a free trial by clicking on the Deck section where they will have two applications to choose from.

This computer-aided drafting application allows users to draw plans with angles, create stairs and choose custom or pre-assembled railings from various manufacturers. See a short 2-minute promotional video on CEC's YouTube channel.

To rapidly familiarize themselves with EstimCAD Decking & Railing, users will also be able to view a second, slightly more technical video and a gallery of images that showcase the application's basic features. Finally, a detailed document is available at all times in the application interface by clicking on the Training Guide button in the left menu at the bottom of the screen.