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Suspended ceiling calculator
The importance of a design plan must not be underestimated when constructing a suspended ceiling. Plan the design by choosing the direction and location of your tiles. Simply measure the length of your walls, and then use The Virtual Constructor’...
Online quote for construction projects
First, when you request a quote, make sure to analyze the products and materials your merchant selects for you. Some merchants will make you a basic price with products and materials at cheaper/economic prices while others will make a budget with top q...
How to build a deck : Beam installation
Here is the continuation of our post on How to build a deck: The first steps. The Virtual Constructor gives you the composition of your beam, it’ll just require some assemble. On a flat surface on your property, place the pieces of 2”x...
How to build a deck : The First Steps
You plan to build your own deck. The success of this project will depend largely on applying proper methods during the first stages of construction. Here are some tips to help get you started.
Estimating a Roof
It’s been several years and your roof needs to be redone. Don’t wait until it caves in and causes serious (and expensive) damage. You can be confident doing the job yourself as the Virtual Constructor app walks you step by step throughout t...
Aluminum Deck Railings
When looking for patio railings, you will find numerous products and a multitude of options and finishes designed to suit your needs on any budget. Consider first the range of building materials to choose from including treated wood, aluminum, glass, P...
Dek-block - Patio and terrace bases
When the time comes to build a new patio or terrace, different methods will determine its size, structure as well as the materials you use. Follow our how-to guide to understand the fundamentals of deck building.
Build a Shed : Foundation
There’s no need to be a carpentry expert when building a shed that lives up to the beauty of your home. To start off on the right foot, it’s important to determine which type of foundation will provide the most effective base. Here are a fe...
Roof coating
Unlike the majority of roofing materials, steel is available in a wide range of colors. Besides, painted steel retains its brightness for several years and shows no discoloration problem.
Exterior Coating - Masonry
You have traditional brick in mind? Know that, today, concrete brick is not more akin to the past. Besides, different colors and textures are available on the market. It’s for you to choose the combination of your choice to create a unique style ...
Exterior coating - Fiber cement siding
You like the look of wood, but you do not want to maintain your coating? Fiber cement is robust and sustainable in time. This product can imitate various and realistic textures. You will be surprised!
Exterior coating - Make the right choice!
You are building a garage, a shed, a house or an extension to your actual house? The choice of exterior siding is often complex because you have too many option. Therefore, it becomes important to question yourself about style, budget, quality and feat...
Composite decking for deck
When it comes time to choose the exterior coating for a deck or terrace, a lot of options are available to you. It’s sometimes difficult to choose among all these possibilities. That’s why we will expand on one of these product; composite d...
How to build a deck - Screw piles
Following the article on the installation and construction of a wooden deck, here’s an article that will be useful to perform the installation of your piles by yourself.
How to build a deck - Storage space
To make your deck useful and attractive, here are some practical suggestions that will perfectly complement the configuration of it.
How to build a deck - Privacy screen
Too close to your neighbour, a street or a commercial building? A viewing angle annoys you? No problem! Enjoy the benefits of a privacy screen and create an « urban look » in your yard.
How to build a deck - Stair, stringers and steps
The staircase is an integral part of the laying out of a patio. It gives access to the yard and allows adequate circulation. On the other hand, the issue concern the disposition of furniture that needs to be included in your final deck.
Free Garage Plan
A preliminary plan allows you to start developing your idea. At the beginning of a project, we are all a bit lost in the multitude of information. We have inspiration by illustrations, photos and other projects, but we never pay a particular attention ...
Estimation of a construction project
You are planning a construction project but do not know where to begin and even less for the estimation? You ask yourself several questions but you do not have the answers? How to make an informed decision about your project? Here are important quest...
Foundations on screw piles or on concrete ?
Thinking to renovate your patio, build a shed or expand your home? Are the piles a good solution? It is important to be well informed.
How to estimate and build a shed - Installation
Each wall should be verified with the square trait principle, established in our previous article How to estimate and build a shed - Planning.  
How to estimate and build a shed - Planing
The first thing to do before starting to build a shed is to get information to your municipality about the options you have. What are the maximum and minimum dimensions? How far from the neighbours? What is the maximum height? Is the coating needs to b...
How to build a garage - Which finishing materials to choose
At first glance, the choice of materials for the interior finish of a garage may seems simple and trivial. If you plan well, you need to consider what will be the right choice; gypsum, plywood, vinyl or a combination of materials.
How to build a garage - Witch exterior coating to choose ?
The third garage topic we will discuss is the choice of exterior coating, such as vinyl, wood and cement fiber and natural wood witch all have different colors and textures.
How to build a garage - What to estimate
First of all, is their any soil’s materials that you need to consider before beginning the work of foundations?
How to build a garage - Things you need to know before
It’s been a long time that you think about it? Your spouse and you talk about it for months, even a year, because you run out of storage places? You can’t accept to have the kid’s bicycle obstructing the court anymore?
Coatings and finishes for deck
In this second article dedicated to wooden deck building project, we are going to address the issues related to coatings, stairs, ramps, privacy screen and pergola. They allow you to personalize your living outdoor area according to your creativity and...
How to build a deck?
In this first of two installments dedicated to the steps of building a wood patio, we will answer some fundamental questions that a residential property owner should take the time to carefully consider to identify his or her needs in the planning and b...