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How to build a deck - Storage space

How to build a deck - Storage space
To make your deck useful and attractive, here are some practical suggestions that will perfectly complement the configuration of it.

Storage under the patio

Under the terrace, it can be wise to build a protected space from the weather to store various items in order to clear your shed or your garage. To do this, simply attach, under the joists, metal sheet (or corrugated PVC panels) and give them a slight slope to drain water from the gallery.

When building your deck, plan a door giving access to the storage place. You can plan the appropriate opening, depending on the type of objects to be stored. Besides the pool equipment, mower, snowblower, outdoor games, flower pots… Finally, to limit the cleaning work in spring, it’s a good idea to cover the ground with pavement blocks.

Storage compartment

You always have the impression that your yard serves as storage? Storing drawers are practical and economical. They are discrete and do not take any space on your living area. In addition to take the unused space under your patio, they can have the same coating as this one. Furthermore, Pylex drawers are very strong. They can withstand heavy loads up to 250 pounds. With metal locking system, they are safe for children. What’s better than storing tools and seasonal items in a location that is not in full view of guests?

Deck drawersOur partner, Pylex, offers an installation system for deck drawers, easy to use and affordable.

You’ll find all the materials you’ll need to complete your project.

Deck compartment


Storage benches

You have already built your patio and you want an extra aesthetic storage space? Storage benches are very practical and sober in decor. They allow you to choose the location of the storage place and to serve as a bench at the same time.

Storage deckDeck bench

You can choose the color of your choice so that it’s consistent with the style of your patio. The benches are pragmatic because they are within the reach of the hand and do not give the impression that they are a simple and traditional storage. The advantage of this type of storage is the mobility of it. Whether it is for pool or garden accessories, you have the option to place it depending on your needs.

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