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How to build a garage - Which finishing materials to choose

How to build a garage - Which finishing materials to choose
At first glance, the choice of materials for the interior finish of a garage may seems simple and trivial. If you plan well, you need to consider what will be the right choice; gypsum, plywood, vinyl or a combination of materials.

Finishing materials

The choice of gypsum makes this piece a space like any other of the residence. It can be painted and merge with the harmony of other colors chosen.

Plywood is generally chosen for its advantages of strength. Its installation makes this workspace more durable and allows to hang tools, gardening equipment and even storage shelves.

On the other hand, the use of vinyl allows to wash the car, motorcycle or bicycle without having to worry about splashes or maintenance of the walls. With a simple jet of water, it will be easy to clean up such a wall that can add an original touch to the interior finish of the garage.

Finally, some people will not hesitate to combine two materials; gypsum for the ceiling and upper walls. For the other part of the walls, they will use vinyl, so they will be able to wash cars and bicycles. There are other materials that exist as epoxy and PVC paint, but it could be wise to consult an expert to guide you in that kind of choice.

Exterior styling

The location of doors and windows is very important for the air circulation and architectural allure. Fenestration plays key role for the exterior design of your garage. Architects and designers can advise you on their position, which can give different paces. Lines of doors and windows are also important, although invisible, they create lines that enhance the overall aesthetics of your building.

Remember that the location related to sunlight can illuminate and even naturally heat your garage. Large windows southwest side allow the sun to penetrate deeply.

Again, we are inviting you to have fun with The Virtual Constructor and use its many functionalities. You can save as much construction scenarios as you want. You don’t need to care about technical calculations and material quantities, the application is doing it for you!

Play the architect and set a preliminary budget that eventually you will be well prepared to go consult your specialists. You will be able to compare different financial assessments for which you will have to make the best choice according to your own criteria.

Have a great construction!

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