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Composite decking for deck

Composite decking for deck
When it comes time to choose the exterior coating for a deck or terrace, a lot of options are available to you. It’s sometimes difficult to choose among all these possibilities. That’s why we will expand on one of these product; composite decking of Trex® , one of our partner!

Composite decking - What is it?

Composite floors are very high quality. Made of recycled material, they are durable and ecological. The floor finish is smooth, without wood splinter, so your patio will be comfortable for the feet. The multitude of color choices of these floors helps to fit perfectly with your home, whatever the style. The effect is amazing!

Why wood composite is a good choice?

In addition of being 100% eco-friendly, the composite coating requires only a little maintenance and is highly resistant to weather and incidents. No need to buy special cleaning products. It’s easy to clean: water and soap will do a perfect cleaning. More, this material resists to stains, mildew and fading.

You do not need to treat or dye the product as natural wood. For the latter, the maintenance must be done each year: sanding and cleaning the floor, buying dyeing (one gallon cost about 50$), re-staining the boars… You will save valuable time and money!

Composite Trex
A product distributed by Taiga.

Therefore, it is a very attractive option when you want to get the effect of wood and you do not have the time to maintain it. Moreover, the composite coating does not warp or crack. So when you have children this is a good alternative. Or simply, that you don’t want to complicate your life with the whims of natural wood.

Trex WarrantyTrex®  company offers a residential warranty of 25 years on their products. These guarantees follow the experience and the quality of their work.

How to install composite coating?

The hidden fixing system Trex® Hideaway is easy to install and invisible when the floor is totally finish. The space between composite boards is wide enough to allow attachment of these one, without seeing the system.

Composite InstallationTrex Installation

To learn more about the benefits of composite coating, installation and how to estimate the cost of your deck, try our online estimating software!

Enjoy your summer, every year, with the composite coating!


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